Daily Post: NaBloWriYe


I like the way NaNo presents their challenge, because it helps me to actually buckle down and try to finish something without worrying about perfection.

I have attempted it at least twice, but this time I want to make a real effort and not chicken out a few days in.  It takes commitment to be a published writer at all, and I think NaNo is a great way to help a person get started with that.

What’s more, the principles are good for anyone wanting to be a writer:  Giving yourself a goal, and a reasonable time limit for that goal, is an essential part of publishing.  (Or so I’ve heard.)

As I’ve mentioned before, I already know I can write that much in that span of time.  The only problem is becoming distraction-free enough to do it.

There are video games and X-files and movies and husbands and puppies and jobs and all sorts of other things I could use to get out of it.  But, I’m going to really buckle down and try to get something done this time…even if it isn’t the greatest prose in the world.

So, here’s to hoping!  Here’s to not using daily exhaustion or the need for exercise or whatever other excuse I can come up with to NOT write.

I think Starbuck’s is going to get to know me really, really well!

Where is your ideal writing spot?

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2 thoughts on “Daily Post: NaBloWriYe

  1. Good job doing NaNoWriMo! I’m not sure I’m brave enough to take that on yet. I’m doing NaBloWriMo and that’s been lots of fun, so who knows? My latest favorite writing spot is Peet’s Tea & Coffee… love their pumpkin spice latte!

    • Cool! I’ve never heard of NaBloWriMo. It sounds like it’s the same thing, except for bloggers…?

      Ohh, that sounds tasty! 😀

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