Day 7: #@%&!

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I don’t want to write today.  My mood is a bunch of symbols that cartoonists put in their comics to indicate bad moods.  Or, more accurately, what people say in relation to their bad moods.

You know the words.  I shouldn’t have to spell them out for you.

But anyways, on that subject, I’ve come across a small dilemma that I’ve found a fun way to fix in my novel!  Given that I do plan on being a published fiction writer at some point, I wanted my friends and family…most of whom are Christians…to be able to read what I write without feeling alienated.  (Yes yes, there’s a whole debate out there I’m sure about Christians and curse words, but let’s not delve into THAT whole drama here.)

The problem is, many of the characters in my NaNo novel either are not Christians, or have not been practicing very much for a while.

Or are simply very, very liberal about their faith.

As such, I find it unrealistic that non-Christian characters should be made to never use ‘bad’ words, or ‘curse’ words.  Cursing happens out in the world.  Maybe some are constant potty-mouths, maybe some restrain themselves only to the most dire of circumstances.  But the fact remains that people will use bad language.

I’ve decided to solve this problem in two ways:  One is that instead of typing out the curse word, I can simply say “He cursed” or something like that.  Another thing I have done is to make up phrases that replace whatever was supposedly said.  I had one character who, in her private diary, wrote “Son of a Bangal tiger!”, which gets across the point in a funny and non-offensive way.

Have any of you writers out there come across such a problem?  What was your solution?  For you non-writers, what do you think the solution is?  Is there a way to solve the dilemma of ‘bad language’ in writing for everyone?

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2 thoughts on “Day 7: #@%&!

  1. I’m having the same problem. What would you say if you had no memory of the night before, thought you have a dream about something nasty, but come to find out that it DID happen and that you are probably a prime suspect? I never curse but in that situation…I’d probably curse. Just sayin’. 🙂

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