Day 10: Feeling the groove.

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It’s an odd phenomenon that when everything’s going well, I don’t have as much of an urge to write a blog.

But blog I must!

I was feeling somewhat discouraged yesterday after work.  I had begun the day with -201 (yes, that’s a negative), because I deleted an entire section that just wasn’t going to flow with the rest of the story.

I know, I know; the sacred NaNo rule is to not delete anything, but this section was seriously getting in the way and giving me terrible fits of brain twitches.

Besides, I knew I could easily make it up, if I just forced myself to.  So, last night, the Husband and I went to Books-A-Million.  He browsed books and played on his iPad while I got down to brass tacks and actually got a significant amount of story out.

It’s a weird sensation, coming out of a deep writing session back into the real world.  It’s a similar sensation to waking out of a deep sleep when you’re having an awesome dream.  One minute you’re in a world completely of your own making, hanging out with characters whom you feel completely connected with….and the next, you’re back in the (so-called) real world, with people who aren’t of your own making, and who will probably not adhere to every command you give them.

It’s a weird feeling, and one I have a hard time communicating to other people.

Now, for a bit of encouragement and observation:

First, if you feel you are terribly behind with your writing, then relax.  Don’t compare your word count to others.  It’s taken me close to 6 years and two failed NaNo attempts (not to mention a LOT of struggling with writing outside of NaNo) for me to be able to hunker down and actually do the thing.  There’s been blood, sweat, and tears for me to be able to both relax enough with my characters and storyline to be okay with changing it (or them) where needed while simultaneously being motivated enough to sit my keister in the chair and actually write every day.

All that being said….sometimes it takes time.  And that’s okay.   If you aren’t doing NaNo just for pure fun, and are more doing it because you want to see what it takes to be a writer, then the most important thing is to simply WRITE.  Even if you feel like it’s complete and utter crap.  Write write WRITE!  By pen, pencil, keyboard, or typewriter.  Maybe verbally record your story, and then type it out later.  Have someone who has particularly good typing skills transcribe what you’re saying as you say it.  Anything!  Just keep telling the story.

Second, the best writers are the best readers.  You may or may not be surprised by this, but I find that I often unconsciously write in whatever style of whatever book I’m reading at the time.  If I’m reading something dark and spooky, I write something dark and spooky.  If I’m reading sci-fi about space, I feel like writing a sci-fi story.  And so on and so forth.  You write what you read….or at least I do.  And that’s a good thing!  Reading can help in a lot of ways.  It shows you how chapters should end, how a story is properly developed from beginning to end, and so on and so forth.

I realize that not everyone has time to both write and read.  I do.  But if you *do* have the time, pick up a good book when you take a bath at night, or while you’re laying in bed drifting off to sleep.  It’ll help a great deal!  (Or, it helps me at least!)

Wow, it seems I had more to talk about than I thought!  I hope you guys and gals found some encouragement!  Now, off to the Netbook!!  HOO-HAA!!

Do you like reading?  What is your favorite kind of book?

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