Day 11: “I Have The POWERRRR!!!1”

There is something I’ve noticed on the NaNo forums, something that I’ve been very strict with myself in regards to this time around.

In the “NaNo Ate My Soul!” forum, many people complain of how their characters or stories aren’t behaving as they wish.  While it’s fun to sometimes explore different aspects of a character, I think it’s all-too-easy to remember how much in control of our characters we are.

The words are the clay, and we, the sculptors, can make the clay into whatever we would like.  What’s more, we assume that linear writing is the ONLY way to write, that it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to write the middle before the beginning, or the end and then the beginning and possibly a middle.  It’s easy to get one-dimensional with ourselves and our own creativity.

In today’s NaNo encouragement, Jonathan Lethem straight-out implored in so many words, “If you want to write the awesome scene you love, then write the awesome scene you love!”

So, fellow authors and NaNites, this is my advice today:

1.  Write that awesome, fun, disturbing, weird, climactic scene you’ve been LONGING to write!!

2.  MAKE your characters do your bidding, even if you have to burn them with the fire of a random dragon or get run over by a speeding taxi to do it!

Like She-Ra and He-man, YOU HAVE THE POWER!!  Your writing implement is your sword!!  So go out there, and write the story you WANT to write….not the one you THINK you HAVE to!!

You might just surprise yourself!

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a character’s antics?  Or hated the direction a story has gone?   How did you solve the problem?


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2 thoughts on “Day 11: “I Have The POWERRRR!!!1”

  1. You make a really good point with this post. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking “but character X wouldn’t do that!” when, really, we make the decisions. Perhaps we should be thinking “why might character X do this, when s/he wouldn’t normally?”

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