Day 15: Losing Steam.


It’s halfway through November, and I’m at the half-way mark with my NaNovel wordcount-wise.

And now I’m losing steam (even though I wrote 300+ words this morning at 4 AM.  (The Husband and I were both having trouble sleeping:  me because it was too hot and I felt icky, and him because of sinus trouble and a sore shoulder.)).

It’s not that I don’t have parts I could write on, even exciting ones.  I do.   But sitting down and writing…especially when I have Skyrim at home waiting to be explored and conquered…is getting more and more difficult to do.

I feel almost like I’m getting tired of my own novel.  The awesome idea I had when I first began this month is starting to seem less and less awesome, and I’m tempted to send them all to the circus or throw in some ninjas or some other thing to jazz up my own interest.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve very rarely sat down to write at least 1,667 words every day, even when I was focused on writing every day last spring, outside of NaNo.  I wrote sporadically, and I honestly couldn’t tell you how many words a day I was writing then.

But I *did* give Starbuck’s a lot of my money.  THAT I know!

Maybe I’m having a hard time because of Netty the Netbook.  I’ve been lugging her around with me everywhere I go, and am now only using Google docs as yet another back-up.  (Netty, Cruzer the USB disk, G-docs, and Droppy the Dropbox.  Four back-ups.  HOO HAA!!)  When I began NaNo this time around, I was using G-docs because it was convenient for work.  But then I remembered Netty, so now I’m taking *her* everywhere, which has been a mix of a blessing (I can write literally anywhere) and a curse (I feel I MUST write on Netty….and nowhere else!)  I’m now using OpenOffice, not G-docs, for the simple fact that Netty can’t access the Internet at work.  If I could get G-docs to somehow psychically link with Droppy, that would be absolutely ideal!!

Then again, it could mean that a virus could destroy them all in one fell swoop, which wouldn’t make me happy.

Anyways, I’m hopefully going to meet a writing buddy this afternoon after work.  Maybe that will unstick me.  (Or maybe I really do need to “just add ninjas”.  x_x;;;

Or maybe Apocalypse Ponies, which is closer to how I think anyways:

How do wordcounts make you feel??  Are you aiming to “win” NaNo, just write your own thing, or a little of both??  What are your feelings on the four ponies of the apocalypse??

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