***WARNING!!  The post below contains explosions of joy and happiness over conquering NaNo.  Not recommended for the NaNo-ly stressed.***

I won it t3h NaNoz!!1

[Insert video of Squidward dancing after he finally wins the skill crane.]

I actually won a couple of days ago, on the 26th.  I didn’t post then because it was 7 ’til midnight, and I was TIRED baby!

But I have that nice, shiny purple bar, and I have to tell you:  Purple is now my favorite color.  XD

I finally PROVED to myself that yes, with enough dedication and motivation, I CAN do a thing I set my mind to do!  For years, I have looked at NaNo and said to myself, “I know I can do it!!  So…why can’t I do it?!  ;____; ”

The first time NaNo came around, I found out about it late.  I wrote some, but I didn’t stay with it.  The second time around, it was a half-hearted attempt, where I think I may have written a couple of pages then given up.

But third time’s the charm, apparently!  XD

Now comes the hard part:  Editing.  (Dun dun DUUUUUNNN!!!!)  I can already tell this is going to be an interesting task, and I’ve already seen places that are going to have to be cleaned up.  I have half a mind to simply start over, but I’m not sure I have the energy for a complete rewrite.

At the same time, there’s definitely things that aren’t going to work, scenes and characters that I can already tell aren’t going to make the final cut for CCS-TRK.  But, I’m okay with that.  🙂  At least I’ve proven to myself that I CAN write at LEAST 50,000 words on just one story line, and not skip around to a billion different times and worlds.  And, while it’s currently an incoherent mess, it’s organized chaos, unlike CSWP.  CCS-TRK is an unfinished, partly-constructed building:  I can see the general form it will eventually take, though I don’t know exactly what that form will look like.    CSWP is more like the aftermath of an unexpected, random explosion, with time-lines and characters and subplots all over the place, missing various critical limbs and organs.

Tomorrow night is the Last Chance Write-In for my regional group, so I’ll be walking in that Starbuck’s with  ridiculous grin on my face!  😀  Because despite the work I have to look forward to, I’m just happy that I’ve accomplished at least one of my self-made goals.


How is your writing going?  

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2 thoughts on “Day 29: WINNER!!! WI-I-I-NRRRRRRR!!

  1. Nice job… one day I will try it!

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