Infinite Days: 2011 NaNo End!

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So NaNo ended a week ago, but I still feel like writing every day.

But I also feel like playing Skyrim.

I’ll let you guess which one has won out during the past week.

That being said, I’m happy to say that my regional group for NaNo wants to meet monthly throughout the year of 2012!  I’m super-excited about that, because the main thing that got me through NaNo was having a fantastic support group, both online and off.  And, though it seems silly, the chart of progress on the NaNo site helped me quite a bit too!

That being said, I’ve discovered that I hate editing.  Yes, it’s necessary, but oh….I loathe it so!  As funny as it sounds, I don’t enjoy reading my own material.  I don’t know why; it’s a similar feeling to when I had a deep aversion to mirrors.  It’s a complex emotion that I can’t fully describe.

But, read I must!  Because if I don’t, I can’t form it into the awesomeness that I know is hidden in there somewhere.  So, like a smithy who needs to refine her ore, I’ll put in the heat, sweat, and time to refine this ugly ore into a lovely necklace!

Even if it does take me another five years!

In addition to that, I’m going to keep updating this blog with my writing adventures, woes, and inspirations.  Also, if you want to follow my main blog, feel free to jog on over to The Lady Expounds to see what deep and meaningful things I have to say from time to time!  (Though how deep or meaningful any of it is really depends on the reader.)

I hope to see you all for Camp NaNo!  Or even Script Frenzy!  😀  Ciao!

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