Enter 2012: Of Contests and Plans

Title page of Three Hundred Aesop's Fables

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First, a Flash Fiction contest for anyone interested!  

Second, I have plans.  Oh yes, such lovely plans!

I want to finish CSWP, BoR, and my NaNo novel TRoK.  I want to get them OUT so that they are not IN any more.  I’m fairly terrified of this.  It’s such a big project, and the world is so very massive.  I’m hoping the contest that I linked to can help me get unstuck from that world for a little while (or at least another world in the massive multi-verse that makes up CSWP, etc.)

I will say this: TRoK ended up being a lot more…R-rated…than I intended. Yes, even with the inclusion of unicorn-girls!

K. turned out to be a bit more evil, heartless, etc. than I first intended, but I like him that way; I want folks to truly hate him, for folks to truly understand how much he just doesn’t care about others. At all. He’s just plain evil, and makes no excuses for it.

I haven’t figured out K.’s back story. I’m not even sure he needs much of one. That may lend too much to having folks sympathize with him.

He’s just evil, through and through. And…that’s it. Just…evil.

We’ll see where things go. Mwahahahahahah!!!

What is your favorite kind of character to write?

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