Oozing Into 2012

Bethesda developed the Creation Engine for Sky...

Stupid dragons..

As I said in my main blog, I’ve been recovering from the holidays this month.  And by “recover” I mean “ignoring writing” and “playing Skyrim“.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve written some, including at least one entry for an Easter devotional book for my church, EOBC.  I still have a few more entries to write, which I’ll be tentatively sharing as they progress.  (Feel free to drop by EOBC if you’re in the area; we’re always open to visitors!  :D)

As for fiction, I was feeling confused and frustrated by it recently.  All the progress I made during NaNo started fading away, and I was just left with that old irritation with the whole mess.  Discussing this on Google Plus, I had a couple of folks offer to look at it.  I was grateful for the offer, but something about sharing my stories with people on the Internet that I barely know and will likely never meet just doesn’t seem like the best plan.  I absolutely do want an editor, but an editor *I* seek out, one I trust and comes with great references from other authors I know AND trust!

It would also help if I could, y’know, talk this future editor in person rather than over the computer.  (Even if it was a video conference, it just wouldn’t be the same as being able to talk to them in person.

As far as the writing itself, I’d nearly given up on TRK for now, and was going to concentrate on an earlier part of the same storyline when three of the main characters had first met while living overseas.

But I just couldn’t get into it.  I don’t know why, but it was just bugging me to death.

Then I realized that I really did like TRK, and wanted to work on it more.  Sure, certain things from the overseas story would apply in TRK….but TRK is the story I want to refine, the story I want to create a beautiful ruby and silver necklace out of.  Possibly enchant with +30 health to make it more valuable.  *continues muttering incoherently, making vague references to smithing and dragons*

But still, I’m not done!  On my main blog, I stated how I was going to cut my definitive posting down to no less than one per week.  Preferably on Mondays.  I would probably post more than that throughout the week, but the GOAL would be at LEAST one post per week.  On Mondays.


So that’s devotionals for church, editing/rewriting TRK, and weekly blog updates.

As for motivation, I joined WriYe, which is like NaNo only:

— It lasts all year.

— Writers can set their own wordcount goals.

— Community isn’t quite as large.

Despite that last one, I still think it will help.  One of the moderators provided a spreadsheet to help folks keep track of their progress!  Thus far, though, all I have is a bunch of zeros for January.  Hopefully, I can turn that around!  And though it may be cheating (sort of), I may include some pre-written material in with my “new” material.

The point of all this?  To motivate me to FINISH what I’ve STARTED!!

I hope that all this will help!!


What motivational tools do YOU use??

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