A Descent Into Madness: Tales of a China Lizard

Descent into Madness

"Descent Into Madness"

Today I went in search of and found my ancient Diaryland account that I started during my first TESOL year. Reading the first two entries, I realized that putting those entries together with my old Livejournal(s) entries from the subsequent second and third TESOL years would make my slow descent into madness and back up to sanity painfully obvious.

My Diaryland starts off rather innocuous; I talk shortly about entering the main city of the province, with the promise of including more shenanigans as they happen.

What I SHOULD have discussed was the way a poor beggar child wrapped her arms and legs around one of the other Americans, and refused to let go until our wai ban gave her money.

That’s what I should have discussed, and I’m seriously thinking about putting together my own personal book, possibly published by CreateSpace, to serve as both a physical reminder of what happened, and also as a guide to the travel portion of CSwP/BoR.

What’s that you say? I could just print off the entries? Or copy/paste them all into one document and save them to my hard drive?

Well yes, I COULD do that…but it would take a while. Plus, there would be something immensely satisfying about having them all officially bound together, with a shiny cover and everything. It would just make me feel better, to be honest.

I could even shoe-in some of the old RPG stuff The Yakuza Three (i. e., two other friends and I) did on DeviantART.

As I said, this would be a fun personal project. No idea what it would or would not include. But already, the ideas are popping in.

Now to see if I’ll actually go THROUGH with it. Gah..

~Lady Tam~

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