Scrivener vs. WriteWay: A No-Contest Contest

Scrivener is the best thing that’s happened to my writing since I first discovered typing.

*WriteWay, however, absolutely is NOT!

I learned this lesson the hard way.  I thought I had learned everything I could about the standard-version, $24 WriteWay software before making a decision; I had downloaded and used the trial and everything!  Thus, it seemed to have everything I wanted.

It didn’t.  Namely, one can not import one’s previous documents without the Pro version.

The Pro version is $45.

Oh, but I could UPGRADE from Standard to Pro!  For another $30.

None of that makes sense to me.  At all.  :/

Along with the inability to import (which I could have gotten over), it’s also not behaving properly on my Netbook.  And the helpdesk has been….less than helpful.  They don’t seem to understand that yes, I tried uninstalling and re-installing; that yes, I was logged in with administrator rights; that yes, we (my IT husband and I) tried everything under the sun to get it to work.  And no, it still does not work.

Fine.  It doesn’t work, and I’ll never see that $24 again, likely as not.

However, I was still on the prowl for a writing program to help me organize my novel writing.  I had heard a lot about Scrivener from the NaNo site, and saw that one of the prizes for winning NaNo was a discount code that would give me 50% off of the Scrivener software.

I downloaded the trial….and I haven’t looked back.  This is the organization I have been searching for for over a decade!!

I always said that what I needed was a way to organize my thoughts, but I had no one who seemed to have any ideas on how to do that.  (I began writing around the turn of the millennium, when the Internet was still a rather new-fangled thing among the general public.)

But now, I do!  And I couldn’t be more excited!  I’m almost over-whelmed by the possibilities, and can imagine myself actually PUBLISHING now!!

It’s a great feeling.

Other lovely features of Scrivener:

— Doesn’t have different “levels” of software.  What you buy is what you get, and that’s awesome!

— Works on both PC and Mac, which WriteWay does not.

— Works on Netbooks without the need for doing anything special!

All those things together means I’ll be sticking with Scrivener for a while!

(Rest assured, if I become disenchanted, I will DEFINITELY be telling the world about it.)


*BTW, the trial for WriteWay is a trial of the PRO version, not the Standard.  That was something else that I didn’t notice.  Ick..

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2 thoughts on “Scrivener vs. WriteWay: A No-Contest Contest

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  2. WriteItNow5 does the trick for me. I tried Scrivener for two years. After pulling just about all my hair out several times I finally moved over to WriteItNow5. Being a writer of horror fiction I find WriteItNow serves me well; making me that much more productive. WIT5 does everything I need it do and then some. Scrivener is filled with bloat that I will never use and it suffers somewhat when it comes to all I really need. WIN5 rocks, I am so grateful to have found this software, it’s a true life saver…

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