Completed Short Story: “Monster in the Dorm”

We’ve all been sick.  It happens.  You catch a severe cold, the flu, or strep throat, and you can’t bear to move much less run for your life.

It’s not just the sickness; it’s the antibiotics, the Nyquil, and possibly the orange juice that had just slightly turned into a kind of orange juice/wine hybrid in the middle of the night.

You’re sick as a dog when you see the horrifically impossible…


I just posted my first finished short story, “Monster in the Dorm”, over on deviantART.  Go read!!  And leave feedback either here, on dA, or any other social media you follow me on.  😀  I’m super-excited about this, and think it came out really, really well!

My husband agreed to be a beta reader, and helped me to smooth out the wrinkles he saw.  Let me know if there are any other grammar errors, continuity problems, or confusing descriptors!  😀

~Lady Tam

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