Writer Tools: Progress Bars and Shame.




Edit: Welp, it turns out that I posted exactly the wrong link in my haste. :/ I didn’t mean to link to YouTube like that when I tried to give the link to the word count progress bar.

And now I don’t remember where on SheWrites I found it in the first place. :/

I’m extremely sorry for any inconveniences. In searching tonight, I did find this post that provides several other options.

Also, in simply searching Google, I found this word tracker on a freelance writing site. It also looks promising. 🙂

Anyways, sorry for the inaccurate info. I’m really irritated with myself for losing the link, but maybe it’s for the best.

But I still want to throw a tantrum. >_<

Original Post:

Just found this through SheWrites! A word-count progress bar! (Link Unavailable)


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One thought on “Writer Tools: Progress Bars and Shame.

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