A Beginning: CSWP Really Isn’t! HAH HAH!

Welp, I finally put my Z-Pack induced insomnia to good use!

After doing lots and LOTS of laundry, vacuuming, and generally feeling restless for the better part of the night (now morning..?), I finally just sat down and opened Scrivener.

I didn’t know what I wanted to write on.  All of it seems so convoluted, that I really just wanted to start at the beginning.

So, that’s what I did.  I went back and wrote the beginning to CSWP.  (I suppose it needs another name now, given that those initials stand for ‘Complete Story With Prelude’, and it’s now representing none of those things literally.  Ha hah!)


Typewriter "Hermes" Deutsch: Schreib...

Typewriter "Hermes" Deutsch: Schreibmaschine "Hermes" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I found the beginning that I knew was there all along, but just didn’t know how to fit together.  Plus, I decided to have fun with it, thanks to help from Acuff and his 37 words.  (Seriously, fellow Struggling Writer; Acuff is the best out there  for an uplifting boost when you’re down on yourself!  😀  )

Jon’s wife is right; if I’m miserable trying to slag through these stories, then what’s the point?  CSWP started out, very plainly, as a way for me to relieve a great deal of mental anxiety while I was at Christian college trying to pursue a somewhat misguided Bible degree.  (It wasn’t a total loss; my goals were more or less achieved.  🙂  Just REALLY hate doing anything approaching an essay paper now.)

And though the original CSWP made absolutely zero sense, it was still fun to write!  And, y’know, I want to get back to that; the whole reason to create is to have fun with it.  If it’s not fun and expressive, then what’s the point?

Let me rephrase.

Even in the workplace where creativity is a requirement, there is no point in not having fun with it.  If you aren’t finding fulfillment in designing buildings, then why be an engineer?  If you hate computers, why be a graphic artist?

Eh, that’s not exactly what I meant, but I think you get my point.  If not, click that link to Jon’s blog up there; he explains it a lot better!

Now I must go do…thing.  Not sure what thing.  But still…thing.

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