Gothic Grimoire Journal! :D

Because I’ve been ‘on’ the past two nights due to Z-Pack, I’ve had a huge swell of desire to be creative.  Thus, I picked up my copy of Paint It Black, a Goth decorating guide written by one Voltaire.  (Not the historical figure.)

One of the things he suggests doing is turning a sketchbook into something much more creative using paints, hot glue, and whatever else happens to be around.  I couldn’t find a sketchbook, but I DID find an old journal of mine that I HATE the cover of.  (It’s pleasant sea-green with sailboats.  Tranquil, but not to me.)

I painted it, glued stuff on it, poured some wax on it, painted it some more, and, well….

A Gothic Grimoire Journal

...Here it is!

Neat, huh?  😀  At least for anyone who likes random Goth geekery.

I like feeling creative, but this staying up all night thing can’t be good.  Still, it’s been interesting observing the phenomenon; this must be what great minds like Michelangelo and Fox Mulder must have felt like.  Hrmm..

No -wonder- geniuses seem half-crazy!  XD

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