Arty Oopsies..?

A collection of cans of paint and other relate...


So yesterday, I worked on a Gothic Grimoire, which I was really happy about the way it turned out!  At least, for a little while.  Today, I was painting the cover of another old journal (because I was restless and bored and hey!  Individual acrylic paints are only $.58 at Michael’s!), and I realized what the big mistake was I was making.

Or, if not a mistake, perhaps at least something that could make life easier..?

First, I don’t have to paint the cover first.  Not really.  If it’s an ugly cover, I can  glue stuff on FIRST and THEN paint!

But wait…that would also make it harder to paint under things like spiders and what-not.  Hrmmm…

Anyways, feeling all up and creative has made me envious of folks with big garages and/or covered, out-doors work places.  Places to hammer, and spray paint, and set up canvases, and all that mess.

Keep in mind that I”m no great artist!  Just going absolutely BERSERK with BOREDOM, and DESPERATELY trying to find something interesting to do that won’t (a) get other people sick or (b) make me push myself to where I make myself even sicker!

Augh….hate being sick.  HAAAATE!!!!!  D:<

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