SkullHead: A Badly-drawn comic.

It’s begun.

It’s very badly drawn, because I haven’t actually made an effort to be good at art in quite some time, but it’s here.  It’s started.

It.  Has.  Begun.

Back when I was drawing like crazy, I had a similar comic on dA that was also just as badly drawn…and colored.  Because I literally didn’t care what it looked like.

But the old has become new again, and now I look at my drawings and think to myself, “I know I can do better than that, if I just take my time.”

This isn’t to say I’m not still writing stories.  I absolutely am!  Perhaps not as often as I should, but I *am* writing on them.

That being said, I think I’m something of a Renaissance Lady, in that I can’t stick to just one venue.  I have this compulsion to try new artistic things, and see how well I can do at them.  (Thus the learning how to use a sewing machine thing.)  I have to say, it makes it tempting to go for a bachelor’s in writing, with a minor in art!  But then again, do I really want to go back to school again, with the assignments and the loans and the classrooms?  Egad…I get reverse culture shock just THINKING about it!

But still, I’m thinking about it.  And I’m also thinking that I don’t want to be a TEFL teacher as much as I thought I did; I think I was just desperate for a change, and was looking for something familiar to get back into.  But honestly, I hated the actual act of teaching.  I don’t like being in front of crowds, and I’m no great entertainer.  I hate grading tests and papers and speeches (because that’s essentially homework for teachers), and it honestly just doesn’t pay that well.

If I found myself in a situation where I could talk Argyle into living abroad with me for a semester or two, I’d consider it as a means to an end, and would likely work on doing a much better job this time around….but I’d really rather not.  While TESOL is the easiest way to live overseas, I’m not convinced it’s the best way.  I’d much rather be autonomous, able to pick up and go wherever I am because I take my work with me.

When I was a teenager, I collected National Geographic magazines.  I thought the photos were fantastic, though I rarely read the articles.  My top job choices were to either be a foreign missionary (which, honestly, I knew very, very little about at the time beyond “The church pays for you to live overseas and talk to others about God”), and working for National Geographic as a photographer or a writer/researcher/etc.

Well…I’ve already done that first one, and I’d like to get as close as I can to that second one, in some aspect.

However, along the way, I’d also like to finish my stories, and perhaps get better at drawing as well!

But we’ll see where the wind takes me.  (However if Argyle and I end up running from a pissed-off bull elephant and he turns around to snap a picture, I may cut my losses then and there..)

Much worse than that time in Jurassic Park...


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