Renaissance Woman

Yesterday afternoon, I was down in the dumps.  This happens a lot on the weekends, if there’s nothing particular going on.  I get ridiculously moody and introspective.  Existential, even.

But instead of sitting around and bemoaning my fate (though I did a fair amount of that regardless),  I got dressed and went in search of an art store that was open on a Sunday afternoon.  (Curious fact:  Sundays have a weird effect in Alabama; if the store isn’t a 24/7 one like Walgreen’s, then it either opens late and closes early on Sunday, or isn’t open at all.  Yes, I know; Alabama’s weird.)

I first tried the closest Hobby Lobby, but they were shut down tight in honor of Sunday.  Not missing a beat, I turned right around and headed out to Michael’s, which was a bit further away.

Lo and behold, it was open!

And there were SALES everywhere on EVERYTHING!

Ok, maybe not everything, but there were a lot of really good sales going on!  Including a sale on….



Great joy was found! I’m ECSTATIC!!

It was $17, after the discount. (Most of their easel stuff was clearanced or half-off the original price.)

I also FINALLY bought some polymer clay to make cameos with. I got my molds in sometime last week, but just hadn’t made my way to the art store to get the actual clay until yesterday.

I also found an entire X-acto knife SET on sale for $7.99!! I was going to just buy a single knife, but they were all very nearly that price just for the one thing. Might as well pay a couple dollars more and get the ENTIRE knife set that’s on sale, right?? (There was nothing wrong with the knife set; it looked as if it had been opened, and then the person changed their mind and took it back. Hey, it’s a loss for them, HUGE gain for me!!!)

When I got home, I drug all my paint supplies into the computer room, put on some X-Files, and painted a rather disastrous painting of an angry and haggard woman. Fortunately, I wasn’t going for realism, or even being that good; more like I was just messing around. :3

It was fun, and it helped me to feel TONS better! If nothing else, I was standing up for a while, which has to be good!

Now, I’m pondering about how those Renaissance painters made their art. I want to say they sketched things out on paper first, before ever setting brush to canvas. I may try that, but first I have to think of what I want to paint.

In that respect, I like to think of myself as something of a modern-day Renaissance woman. I want to do all sorts of artsy things…painting, novel-writing, drawing, sewing, cameo making, blogging…and find it hard to stick to just one area of expertise.

Now I’m not saying I’m good at all of these, but I can definitely see myself practicing a variety of these skills, just because.

If you’re wondering how my first cameo came out…not so great. I put the temperature far too low for too little time, so it came out all bendy and weird.

And then I read online where one needs to work the clay before using it.


Needless to say, I shall be trying again, but this time with more adherence to how best to kneed and work the materials!

Question: What artistic endeavors do YOU enjoy the most?

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4 thoughts on “Renaissance Woman

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  2. Mark Allman

    X files! What other science fiction do you like. I like sci fi alot. I write poems from time to time, draw a little and have worked with leather some.

    • Lately, my husband and I have been watching the first Stargate series. I forgot how much I loved it! 😀 (We had stopped some time ago, and just picked up where we left off. 🙂 )

      I’m also (re)-watching X-Files. I had watched almost all of it, save for two or three of the last seasons, but it was so long ago (and I like the series so much) that I just started all over from the beginning. 🙂

      Ooh, leather-working! That’s pretty cool! What did/do you make?

      • Mark Allman

        With leather I have made bible covers, belts, key rings, our wedding album cover, and burned a couple of pictures in the the leather.

        I love all the Stargate series and enjoyed Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe alot. I especially loved the new Battlestar Galactica. I also watch Warehouse 13 and Alphas.

        The Lost Room was a great miniseries on SyFy channel.


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