Mm, pre-writing. The thing all aspiring novelists know they SHOULD do, but something we rarely accomplish!
We’re getting beat by elementary kids, my friends. We need to step it up a notch!

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Everybody thinks his daughter’s pretty special and has cornered the market on smarts and creativity, but it’s actually true of my daughter. Really. She reads like no kid her age outside the Guinness Book of World Records and has a memory I really envy. Her ability to use context to understand the essential meanings of big words she has no real business knowing is dazzling. From time to time, she’ll go on little writing jags. After getting a kitty for Christmas, she decided to write a little story from the cat’s perspective, homing in on things like how funny it is to the cat that these strange people prepare a box for her to potty in and so on.

My wife volunteers once a week in my daughter’s second-grade class, and yesterday she texted me a photo of a page she had found hidden in my daughter’s desk. The page…

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  1. Mark Allman

    That was some little girl there!… Just wonderful… I d like to read her stuff now… That cat story sounded interesting… maybe they should publish the writings of an 8 year old!

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