Day 23 Exposition: Getting Ekphrastic


I did not get a chance to accomplish this one until today.  Bad weather and exhaustion kept me from being able to do little except dream of naptime after work!

But, I really, really wanted to do this one, because it just sounded so interesting!  I’ve never heard of ekphrastic poetry before yesterday, and I have to say, my literary and creative senses are tingling with anticipation!

To read my first fumbling attempt at ekphrastic poetry, click here.  Be sure to leave me any thoughts you have!  Critiques, criticisms, encouragements, praises…I’ll take it all*!!  😀

Also, click here for an interesting news story about how van Gogh’s ear got cut off in the first place.  Apparently, the story about self-mutilation isn’t entirely true..

* We’re all mature enough not to be jerks to each other.  Be brutally honest, but don’t be a jerk.  ^_^

Original Post:

Today’s suggestion from NaPo is one I’ve never done before.  At least, not that I remember.  Usually my poems are woeful, and involve a lot of imagery related to how I feel while at work.  (Hint:  It’s usually not pleasant.)

However, it may not be that difficult!  Last night, the Husband and I went to WalGreen’s.  While we were there pondering what kind of acid to put on husband Argyle’s callousey finger, we came across the sales rack.  There, stacked amongst incense, candles, and weird-looking toys, were some rather pretty calendars.

(For the life of me, it seems nearly impossible for me to find a decent calendar until I’m a good ways into the “new” year.  Part of this may be because I refuse to spend $20 on something that will very soon be $2.)

As luck would have it, not only were the calendars pretty, but they were also artsy!  I got one featuring Van Gogh’s artwork to hang at work.  Lo and behold, the painting for April is the famous one of him with a bandage where his ear should be.

I think I can write a poem about that.  🙂

"Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear" by Vincent Van Gogh

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2 thoughts on “Day 23 Exposition: Getting Ekphrastic

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