I really like this, and I think we can all relate. Here’s to self-motivation!! ~Liz~

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Any time I complete a challenge of whatever type, a few hours later I feel a restlessness begin somewhere near my feet, which works its way upward until my fingers itch. I call it my Let Down Syndrome. I’ve known spouses of PhD candidates who talked about the Syndrome when the candidate finished with the orals and Dissertation Defense then knew that the work had come to an end.

The spouses spoke of the restlessness that took over; the depression that claimed their loved ones. When questioned, each said much the same thing; the project of the candidate’s  life was over. The candidate had no reason/purpose left to claim his/her time, thoughts, and aspirations. The dream had come true, and he/she was left to find a new one, a bigger one, to take the degree’s place.

The let down for me–and for others, apparently, given the number of posts on some of…

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    Thanks for the reblog, Liz.

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