Talk is Cheap! Write moar!!

So, I’ve fallen into that weird valley where I’m talking and blogging about writing fiction, but I’m afraid to actually touch my stories.

Yep.  Downright afraid.

What is this fear?  I really don’t know.  I think part of it could be fear of success, or perhaps just fear of seeing it all actually come together in a sensical way.

For the longest time, my fictional world has been a haven.  The main characters aren’t just words on a page; they are deep-seeded parts of my psyche.  They might as well be real, as important as they are to me.

Or maybe it’s just ‘fear’ of being interrupted once I’m in the Zone.  Oh, you know the Zone!  It’s that place all writers and artists go when the muse really hits us hard!  Beware any who dare interrupt us when we’re in said Zone, for they take their fate into their own hands!

I really, REALLY hate being interrupted when I’m writing.  Yet, interruptions occur, whether in the form of my stomach growling, a persistent doggie, or an even more persistent husband.  (Though both the husband and the dog are cute when they interrupt, dang it.)

So, I guess part of me thinks, “Why bother starting when I’m just going to be interrupted?”

And even though I have time at work to jot down a scene or two usually, there’s always the threat of the phone ringing, or someone asking me for something unrelated to the Very Important Story That I Am Writing.  (Yes, all that capitalization is necessary!)

But, there -is- a solution.  A wonderful, dastardly solution that I’m sure will drive others batty.  I can take my earphones, my Zune (or Android Phone, since it has YouTube), take my stouty little Netbook, and just…disappear.  To somewhere.

Hee hee hee.  Yesss, that is the solution, dear friends!  *rubs hands together evilly*

But I still must decide on one story in particular.  There are two main ideas I could possibly merge all the rest into.  One is a post-apocalyptic story that’s more of a commentary on modern Christianity (not as boring as it sounds, I promise).  The other is a fictionalized account of my three years overseas as an awkward person and a TESOL teacher.

I can’t decide which one to lean more towards, but just writing out my fears and thoughts has helped me realized that maybe….just maybe….I don’t have to!

On the other hand, I feel like nothing will get done if I don’t pick one or the other, and just stick with it.  Right now I’m leaning more towards the second one, but the first one still holds a LOT of intrigue for me.

A third novel idea (HA HA!) is a fantasy world.  I can’t really say what THAT one comprises of, because it’s a bit closer to my heart than the other two.  Let’s just say that I’m a child of the ’80s who -really- loved fantasy cartoons at that time, and you can draw your own conclusions from that.

So, now I have a plan.  Sort of.  I have three solid ideas, anyways, which is a start.

Now let’s see if I can manage to finish them enough to bring them into reality.

(Nope, wait, there’s a fourth, which is basically a re-do of my NaNo 2011 novel.  Yeesh.  Too many ideas, folks, TOO MANY IDEAS!!)


Question:  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of story ideas you have?

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One thought on “Talk is Cheap! Write moar!!

  1. I am loving how many writers I am finding on this blog site. Your wealth of ideas is something I think all writers face at one time or another. If I may suggest, keep your ideas close, work them out to a suitable level and then focus on one in particular. I often dance around several ideas at once and, currently in the middle of three projects, I wonder if I can keep it all straight. Best of luck to you.

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