Day 4: A Hard-Won Weekend

Click the Pic!

Helloooo out there!!  😀

The first weekend of camping left me tired, but happy!  At first, I had trouble getting my stride; the mountain was tall, and I kept stumbling over rocks.  I was getting irritated, frustrated, and weepy; I felt like giving up.

But then, INSPIRATION!  Late last night, I remembered something!  Something that I had been meaning to include in this story for a long, long time!

And include it I did!  😀  Though writing a chat log in novel format is somewhat challenging, I can definitely see it becoming a staple of modern novels.  Interactions with others via online services has become such a staple in the past decade that I can definitely see it becoming part and parcel of regular story-writing.

What’s more, I actually managed to make my word count goal!  I was severely behind, and feeling really down about it…but I made it!!  So, yay for that!  😀

If anyone wants to look for me on Camp NaNo, my name there is chinalizard.  My novel:  “Sichuan Salad”.

Which I, for some reason, always thought was spelled ‘Szechuan’ for some reason.  (I don’t know why I keep wanting to add a ‘z’ to that word..)

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