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According to that calendar up there,  I’m really behind on my word count for June’s Camp Nano.

Like, ridiculously behind!

According to the dragon, I’m supposed to have at least a little over 10,000 words by now.

As of this moment I have 6,949.

Hrm…maybe that’s not SO bad; that’s a little over 3,000 to make up and catch up.  I think I did at least that much in a day sometimes in November.

Now see??  THIS is why I like NaNo!  Progress bars.  Stats.  Daily word count charts.

Also, encouragement from others!  Seeing other people suffering right along with me.

Only a writer can be so gleefully sado-masochistic in a way that doesn’t at all involve sex.  (Unless we’re writing about it, I guess!)

Anyways, I’m going to go work on it some more.  Hopefully get somewhere before I have to go to lunch.  Today, I’m going to change the nationality of one of my key characters; he’d just make more sense as a _____ rather than a ______.

Yes indeed.

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One thought on “Behind!

  1. afflictionreckoning

    Don’t feel too bad about being behind. I’m only at 3472. Best o9f luck to both of us catching up today!

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