Camp Nano Day 13: Madness Sets In

*As everyone on WordPress is well aware, something funky is going on with our most beloved blogging site.  I’m typing this from the QuickPost option on my front page, because the regular “New Post” site just isn’t working, for whatever reason.  They are working on it, but we’ll have to be patient and pray for the poor techs who are working on the problem. *


Welp, it’s Day 13 for Camp Nano 2012, June session.  I finally caught up sometime Monday, but am now behind again.

And I’m okay with that.  🙂

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking with a friend IRL who is also doing Camp Nano.  Difference between her and me?  She is writing while also being a stay-at-home mom to two toddler boys.  We were talking about word counts when she made an observation that made me really stop and think:  She was discussing how far behind she was, and comparing it to how far behind I was.  

That made me stop and take stock of things.  To realize that, perhaps, I’m taking this whole word count thing far too seriously.  I stress out about numbers, and forget about story.

But is that really the best way to write any story?  To simply get a certain amount of words down, against all odds?

It’s easy for me to do; I see that chart, with the numbers and the escalating line with its little points, and I just get an itch in my brain:  “Must!  Stay above!  The line!” says my inner insanity.  I can’t tell you WHY I must do that; I just feel its obnoxiously important.

And that’s weird!

Or helpful.

I haven’t decided which yet.

I think it’s good, for the way Scrivener does it.  They have a progress bar built right in, where the writer can set his or her own word goals, whether they be for overall or just for that one writing session.  Or both.

But the NaNo charts…My stars and garters, the NaNo Charts…@____@….

On a different note, this morning I tried imagining my different Internet names as aspects of my personality that they are based on.  I came up with at least three, and they’re all pretty amusing.  I may veer off into left field, and write about them for a while.

chinalizard – I came up with this when I lived in China.  Obviously.  At that time, the name was shortened to C. L. for creative purposes.  C. L. is a cat-person.  Wait, scratch that; she’s a human with cat ears and a cat’s tail.  In my morning imaginings, she is constantly clutching her tail like a paranoid, possibly schizophrenic Cowardly Lion.  She is constantly wondering back and forth mumbling to herself while her eye twitches occasionally and she bats away imaginary flies.  (Trust me; it makes sense.)

Lady Tam Li Hua – a.k.a., ‘Lady Tam’, ‘Lady Tam Li’, or simply ‘Tam Li Hua’.  The Lady is a petulant Victorian Goth completely obsessed with Goth fashion.  She always has her trusty parasol, and is nearly always wearing striped tights under her knee-length bloomers, and a corset or waist cincher over an elegant, flowing top.  She is always wearing fantastic black boots or shoes…whatever suits her at the time.  Her make-up, nails and hair:  Gothically flawless!  She is the light-hearted one of the trio.  She always complains that she’s booooooored, and that the other two need to come with her on a fun adventure of some kind, usually involving shopping.  

L. A. Howard – L. A. (a play on both my first and middle names, and where I lived closest to in SoCal) is the writer.  All she does is write.  Write write write.  Whether it’s blogging or stories or whatever, her sole intent and purpose is WRITING and Becoming Published.  That is her real and only goal.  (It should be noted that the Lady is constantly trying to keep her away from the keyboard to go do something more ‘entertaining’.) She has thick glasses, cares nothing about make-up, only wears comfortable clothes (loose t-shirt and pajama pants), and always has her hair up in a hair clip.  She’s bent over her laptop, type type typing away at her desk.

There are, of course, other aspects to me than just these three, but these are the three that popped in my head this morning.  The three that vex me the most.  

Maybe if I visualize them like this, or even make a house for these three in The Sims 3, I’ll feel better.  Maybe it will put things in perspective.



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